My Life

My name is Larissa Gill and I was born in South Jersey. Since I was little I’ve always loved the beach, the fast pace city life, and of course fashion. I know it’s a super weird mix of things that I’m passionate about but it made me into who I am today. Ever since I was little I loved being by the beach. Something about the salty air and listening to the waves crash up on the shore has become apart of me. Every Summer I would spend 100% of it by the beach with my friends and family. Summer is something that I look forward to the most.. if I’m not at the beach, I’m probably thinking about being at the beach to be quite honest. It’s totally odd that I love the beach and the city just as much. I just love anywhere with a ton of life, and the city and the beach both bring that to me. I’m the type of person that loves being inspired 24/7. New York City 100% is one of the most inspiring places I’ve ever been to; the street style, diversity of people, the amazing art galleries, and the beautiful city itself. It sounds completely tacky but I totally have a passion for fashion and expressing myself in a creative way. Whether it’s through a photograph or an outfit, I love any form of creativity. I remember I became obsessed with fashion my freshman year of High School. I was just entering a new school and I was still trying to find who I was as a person. I was so excited about fashion at that time in my life.. It was something so new to me and I was so fascinated about it. This lead me into buying books about fashion, stalking the famous fashion icons, and of course testing out 100 different styles. I remember my freshman year and sophomore year of high school I went from Boho chic to an all black outfit and than back to Boho. I never really had a “direct” style. I was always just messing around with a bunch of different looks and just having fun with it. Towards the end of High School is when I totally found who I was. I totally knew what I wanted; what college I wanted to attend, who I was as a person, and of course my style. It’s totally pretty obvious what my style is… Boho! Now I attend FIT and I’m living in New York City. Everyday I’m evolving as a person, exploring new things, and adventuring a lot. My friends always make fun of me because they say I’m constantly “on the go”. One minute I’m in SoHo, the next minute I’m in class, at work, or adventuring around probably taking pictures. In case you haven’t noticed I’m always snapping pictures everywhere I go, and that’s totally why I made this blog! Behind the Boho is going to be a website to represent my style and life. It’s going to be the behind the scenes of my style and life style. Stay tuned.        Xo.       -Larissa